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Blanchet Catholic School

Inspire, Lead, Serve

Blanchet Catholic School is located in Salem, the capital city of Oregon. Established in 1995, it has nurtured thousands of local and international students in pursuing academic success.

Why Choose Blanchet Catholic School?

Strong Academic Foundation for College

Blanchet offers a high quality, well-rounded education that provides a solid foundation for college preparation. With various Advanced Placement and Honors courses available, students can earn college credit, which gives them a boost in their quest to enter the college or university of their choice. Students who graduate from Blanchet often feel that they are ahead of their peers in their academic foundation. Many Blanchet students enter prestigious universities after graduation such as the University of California Schools, Penn State University, and many others.

“We Educate the Heart and the Mind.”

Blanchet is not a school just for our students. It is a community of parents and teachers that strives to help all students succeed and reach their potential. As the Vice Principle Carlton Wise noted, when Blanchet students graduate, they will be “morally wise and intellectually prepared” for their future endeavours.

Strong Art Program: Music, Theatre, Art, and Digital Art

Blanchet believes that a strong art program is an important part of the school curriculum. Blanche offers classes in fine arts, applied arts, and digital arts. These classes provide students with opportunities to develop their independence and self-confidence. The art program at Blanchet nurtures and encourages freedom of self-expression and helps students develop leadership skills, both of which are vital for success in college and later in life.

Variety of Activities, Sports, and School Clubs

Blanchet offers a wide variety of activities and school clubs for students to choose from. There are activities and clubs available to suite all types of student interests. Some of the clubs available are: Campus Ambassadors, DECA, National Honors Society, Outdoor Club, Science Olympiad, Speech & Debate, Spirituality Team, International Club, Student Government, Student for Change Service Club, Cheer, and Yearbook. Blanchet also offers the following sports: American football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, golf, soccer, cross country, and swimming. In addition, Blanchet places a strong focus on various service learning projects to help the students see their strengths and capabilities by contributing to their local community.

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