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East Linn Christian Academy is excited to announce the addition of a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Program next year through Project Lead the Way. We will be offering two strands of the program which include Engineering and Biomedical Science. Students will be receiving both high school and college credit through Oregon Tech or  Oregon Health Science University for successful completion of these courses. The courses provide students with many hands on activities and engage them in an innovative learning processes which have proven to be very successful with ESOL students. The 2016-2017 school year students will have an opportunity to take Intro to Engineering and Principals of Biomedical Science with additional courses added each year. We feel these classes will provide our students with incredible opportunities to prepare them for university.

In addition we will be offering two courses in computer science through Edhesive. These courses include Introduction to Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles. In these courses students will be introduced to basic principles of computer science which will help prepare them for the AP exam at the end of the course.

These new programs will provide new opportunities in East Linn Christian’s educational program while continuing to support the language needs our students with an ESOL teacher.

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