Admissions Requirements

To be accepted into our program, and to be considered for high school, there are a number of documents that are required when completing our application. Please make sure you look over our application requirements carefully to ensure you have included all necessary documents.

*There are many official documents that must be included in the process. Your application cannot be processed and sent to the high school until all necessary documents have been provided. Please see the application, or the below check-list, for the full list of all needed documents to complete your application. Remember, you will speed up the process of being accepted into our program and into the high school of your choice if you carefully fill out the application and provide all information, records, and documents.


Application Requirements:

Application Fee
$600 payable to AEEA by check or credit card. This fee is non-refundable.

Application Form*
With two photographs of the student

Official Transcripts
Please make sure transcripts are official documents. Progress reports and/or report cards will not be accepted. Please be sure transcripts are in English and in sealed separate envelopes for middle school and high school grades

English Proficiency Test
Please provide your iTep Slate or TOEFL test score.

Recommendation Forms (One must be completed by a school administrator)
Recommendation forms must come from at least two sources at your current high school. One of the recommendation forms must come from a school administrator. You may provide additional recommendation forms from teachers if you wish.

- Scanned Image of Passport
Please make sure the scanned image of your passport is clear so we can clearly see the picture, as well as all of the information that is on the passport.

– Bank Statement
Please send us a recent copy of your current bank statement

– Immunization Record
You will need to provide a record of all shots and vaccinations you have received. The immunization record will need to come from and be signed by your doctor.

– Medical Release Form*
This form will need to be signed by both parents and/or guardians. The purpose of this form is to grant permission for American doctors to treat the student if necessary.

Student Questionnaire*
The student questionnaire form gives the student the opportunity to list their likes, dislikes, interests, and preferences.

- Parent Questionnaire*
This form is for parents to fill out and give information about their child. Similar to the student questionnaire, this gives parents/guardians the opportunity to give information about their student’s work habits, English skills, social skills, etc.

- AEEA Program Guidelines and Agreements*
This form goes into detail about all AEEA rules, policies, and procedures. Both parent and student should carefully read through the form. There will be a space on the bottom of the last page of this form for both parent and student to sign acknowledging that they have read and agree to abide by our rules and policies.

- Keys to Success*
This form informs students on the various ways they can be successful and determined in our program, along with high school. Both parent/guardian and student will need to sign this.

- Religious Instruction Understanding*
For students attending private schools, you need to understand that you will be taking classes in the religious beliefs followed at that school. As part of that educational experience you are expected to have an understanding of the basis of faith as practiced by students at that school. You are not required to believe or convert to any religion, but you are expected to study the religion as presented at school, and to be respectful to and about that faith to your family, teachers and friends. Both parent/guardian and student will need to sign this page.

- Host Family Expectations*
This form is for the student to read through. It explains what the student will most likely expect when coming to America and moving in with a host family. The student will need to read the entire form and sign it.

- Information for the Host Family*
This form will give students the opportunity to list what they would like and prefer in their host home. This helps us find a host family that would be the best fit for the student. 

- Letter to the Host Family*
This space gives students the opportunity to write a letter to their host family introducing themselves, telling the host family what they like to do, what hobbies they have, etc.

- Photos
Please attach at least two photos of yourself. If you have more, that’s great!


*All items marked with an asteric “*” are documents that are included in the application.
Please make sure all documents, whether originals or copies, are clear and visible to read.