About Us


Who Are We?
AEEA was organized to facilitate providing an American high school experience for international students desiring to study in America and to receive a high school diploma. AEEA contracts with international agents and students individually in order to link them to AEEA member schools and to provide member schools with a diverse mix of qualified students.

What Schools Do We Work With?
AEEA works with private schools all over the United States. We have schools in Oregon, Colorado, Montana, and more. The schools in our association are carefully picked based on quality of education, care, staff, test scores, and overall success.  We understand each student has different needs, likes, interests, and goals. For that reason, we provide a variety of schools and programs to ensure a great fit for each student.  Students that finish our quality schools can then progress on to study at top colleges and universities of their choice.  For information, profiles, and pictures of each school that we work with, click here.

Where Will Students Stay when Coming to America?
While in school, students will be placed with a host family, who will act as their guardian during their stay in the United States. Each students’ application is evaluated closely to ensure that we place students with a family that will best suit their wants and needs. The host family will be there to support, spend time, interact with the student, and basically treat the student as if they were one of their own children. We have many families that are very eager to host an international student, and welcome a student into their home and family. For more information about host families and Homestay, click here.

Something that sets our program apart from other study abroad programs is our use of assigned school counselors, otherwise known as Liaisons. Each students gets assigned a Liaison who will support them for the whole time that they are going to high school in the United States. The Liaison will check in on the student at least once a week, make sure students are comfortable in their host homes, check in on student’s grades and make sure they are understanding their classroom materials, and be there for the students anytime there is a conflict or an issue. Students find that having a Liaison really makes them feel more comfortable in the new environment and culture that they are learning to adapt to. Students at all times feel that they have someone they can lean on and go to for advice or answers, rather than having to figure things out for themselves. Students still get to experience a sense of independence while studying abroad, however they are also closely supervised and monitored in order to guarantee ultimate success in our program, as well as in high school.

What Happens after a Student Arrives in the United States?
After a student arrives in the United States, they are picked up either by one of our staff members at the airport, or by their host family. They will then go to their host families house to relax, get to know the family, and get settled in. After the student is settled in and prepared for their first day of school at their new high school, they will attend an orientation where they can get familiar with the school, staff, and teachers. They will be given their schedules and the Liaison or school principle will help the student make any changes to their schedule if necessary. If students find that they are having a hard time with their coursework, or want to work on their English, they can hire a tutor who can help them with academics, English speaking skills, or both. 

What if the Student’s English Is Not High Enough?
If the student wants to come to the United States to study, but does not have a high enough English level, they may spend some time at the English Language and Culture Institute. The ELCI is a program that AEEA partners with. AEEA will evaluate a student’s English level during the application process. If a student does not have good enough English for high school, or if they would like some time to practice and improve their English language skills, they will be sent to ELCI where they can participate in the Intensive Language program until they are at a high enough level to attend high school. For more information about ELCI, click here to visit their website.


How Do I Apply?
The American Education & Exchange Association works with students from all over the world, and we are very eager to work with you! To fill out an application for our program, head over to the “How to Apply” page, or click here.